Short summary of following tests

All AA Ni-MH batteries with capacity above 3000mah are fake or lies (3800mah 3500mah 3200mah 4000mah 4200mah 4400mah 4600mah 4800mah exists on the market and are all lies)

The star power 3800mah Ni-MH Accus ( and the star power 3500mah 4000mah 4200mah )

Once upon a time, I was searching for High capacity Accus to power up my camera and my GPS receiver. In the stores I used to go, some energizer brand were availabale up to 2500mah but I wonder if with the help of Internet stores I could buy higer capacity accus and thus increase the autonomy.
After a quick search, I fell on a ebay seller called "top-artshop" or "digital-eu-shop" from germany.
They were selling amazing 3800mah capacity Ni-MH accus, this was incredible, more that 50% than what could be found in the market.
I was suspicious to those figures because nowhere else could I find such a powerfull battery...
I gave it a go for 2 pack of 4 batteries.

No miracle here !

Those figures of 3800mah are juste all wrong, the battery is even less powerfull than almost all other I already had. Having accus without a good charger is useless, so I once bought à "voltcraft" with full expected functionnalities + a test function to measure the real capacity, not only what is writen on the battery and could also be wrong.

la preuve
The result was unexpected, from left to right :
Energizer 2100mah = 2.00 Ah
Claratech 1800mah = 1935mah
Unknow NI-CD 800mah = 598mah
star power 3800mah = 1548 mah !!! ( glops !)

Not even the half of what was expoected. This test was performed on all 8 batteries I had, and the factory problem is excluded because all batteries gave à capacity from 1500 to 1700 mah.
Shit, I have been crooked !

I sent an email by my ebay account to the seller :
Hi !
one month ago, I bought from your company 2 sets of 4 Nimh 3800mAh * AA RECHARGEABLE R6 ACCUS.

I had no problem with the shipping or payement process, but it turn out after serveral experiments that those accus ARE NOT as powerfull as it is said on your description.
In place of the 3800mah announced capacity, with a accus-charger with a test functionnality I discovered that their capacity is around 1600mah at most.
And this was confirmed by other tests on a GPS receiver I have.
Tests have been perfomed on all 8 accus I bought, and I think a factory problem is not the case here.
The case is :
a) you don't know that, and you are being crooked by your seller
b) you know that, and you are the crook
In both case I strongly suggest you to stop selling those products.
I will also warn potential buyers that those products are fake by an evaluation.

Also, could a refund be possible by sending back those accus ?

No answers, not refund and no explanations
The only message I had on my negative comment on the seller was :

"BEWARE - new customer on ebay gives negative feedback. Never again"

New customer, yes, but used to liar on the Internet.

Be careful, don't buy those batteries if you want an high capacity one.